You'll be alright Shiloh. I promise, I'll take care of you... All you need is a little love.

Book 1​

The Little Bird 


​​The Magical Adventures Of Shiloh And Jax

-Excerpt from the highly acclaimed children's book The Magical Adventures of Shiloh and Jax- The Little Bird

The Magical Adventures of Shiloh and Jax series is one of the most notable book illustrations, thus far, of up and coming illustrator Cat V.  She is the coolest Cat in the world! She loves drawing her fellow cats in new and fancy ways. She also loves making dollars and getting food from her mother cat while she's busy doing her stuff! What she loves the most is being with Ed the Black Cat, her very special and best buddy.

Meet the Illustrator: Cat V.

The Magical Adventures of Shiloh and Jax is Tristan Quinn's grand debut. She is a believer of all things magic! She has a big beautiful family, loves butter pecan ice cream, singing, crafting, and building worlds with words.

        Meet the Author: Tristan Quinn

Meet Jax! A spirited little girl, whose life becomes a series of adventures when her path crosses a misfit in need of a friend. Through the eyes of this imaginative four year old,we journey through enchanted lands,make new friends, and embark on magical adventures in this captivating children's book series written by newcomer Tristan Quinn.  

Meet Jax

Book 2

Welcome Jax