​​The Magical Adventures Of Shiloh And Jax

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WARNING! May not be appropriate for children under the age of 3 as small parts may cause choking hazard!

What your support means.

These days, some people may look at the price of a traditional book and scoff  --let alone the price tag on a self-published hardcover book. 

With e-books readily available, and children glued to portable electronic devices, why bother purchasing costly reading materials for our children?

It's Simple.

It is up to us to make sure that the love of reading books is not replaced by technology's instant gratification. Studies show that cuddling with a parent over a book, or gathering around a teacher for story time, helps children associate reading with nurturing, thus setting the stage for independent reading success in the future.  

I still remember bringing home "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters" by John Steptoe in elementary school. I remember the smell of the paper, the sound of stealthily turning pages past my bedtime, and the wonder of getting lost in the illustrations over and over again.

It has been my hope, that one day I would in turn be that priceless recollection to a boy or girl of this generation, However, without the support of large publishing companies (printing books by the thousands), it is extremely costly as an entrepreneur to print books. This is why our prices may differ, from that of a book found near the check out line at Walmart, and why I applaud you for supporting self publishers and even making it to this page!

So please-

Support the faculty of imagining-

And the gift of building worlds with words today.

<3 Tristan. 

The Magical Adventures of Shiloh and Jax


ONLY $18.99!!

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(S:4-7yrs, M:8-10 yrs, L:11 and up)