​​The Magical Adventures Of Shiloh And Jax

​​"The Little Bird" is newbie author Tristan Quinn’s grand debut, and the first book in The Magical Adventures of Shiloh and Jax series! What began as a quirky pregnancy daydream, some- ten years ago, has now flourished into an indie children’s literary masterpiece! Tristan has just finished scripting and illustrating (--Cat did that part!) her sophomore effort, "Welcome Jax", and is working on writing book three, The New Big Sister. We are eagerly anticipating the continuation of this instant children’s book classic!

Tristan, a native of the Caribbean island of Grenada, spent her formative years in Brooklyn NY, but now resides in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. She is a wife, and mother of three amazing children (Ryan, Auston, and Jaxon) who serve as her creative inspiration.  Previously a singer/songwriter, Tristan made a huge transition becoming a stay at home mom- by day, and a server by night in order to actively be a part of her children’s vigorous everyday lives. Tristan is on a mission to spread a little magic in the world, and motivate everyone with a dream, to make a way for their gifts- asserting that
“-they will eventually pave a way for you!”