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​​The Magical Adventures Of Shiloh And Jax

Ready to meet the star of the series?! 

Jaxon Rose, affectionately known as "Jax", is a vibrant 8 year old, chock full of spirit! She is a natural comedian who enjoys reading, singing, dancing, acting, tiring out her big sister Ryan, and using her robust imagination to go on adventures with her little brother Auston- her real best friend.

As far as pets go, she doesn't really have a pet bird, has a bear of a dog named Onyx, and really wants a kitten.

Jax is a professional actress, and can often be seen on Fox's Marvel series "THE GIFTED", where she plays the "Grace Turner" the deceased daughter of the primary antagonist, Jace Turner (Coby Bell). She has been featured on several other shows, such as Fox's "STAR",  BET's "THE QUAD" and BET's "TALES", and HBO's "THE OUTsIDER" commercials and feature films.